Monday – We will open the unit by briefly discussing our objectives for January, and the reason behind studying the literary works in this unit.  We will talk about our own feelings of isolation, rejection, search for self-worth or lack of self-confidence, and whether you believe you may be the only ones that feel this way.  I will then distribute the lyrics to the “Anything But Ordinary” by Avril Lavigne, and play the CD for you.  You will then write a brief reflective paragraph describing how you think the singer feels, and if you have ever had similar feelings.  Following this activity, we will discuss how reading and writing can help us to create our own identity, and make us more self-aware and self-confident.

Tuesday – The class will take turns reading passages from the short story “Teammates”, and the poem “Andre”, both of which will be displayed on the overhead projector.  You will then write in your journals about both pieces, briefly outlining what “awareness” the characters reached.  If time permits, we will discuss your journal thoughts as a class, with guidance from me.  Students should read pages 1-22 of Romeo and Juliet Together (and Alive!) At Last for the next class.

Wednesday – We will open with you writing a paragraph in your journals about what occurred in the novel and your reaction to it.  We will go over the reading and review the motivation of the characters to put on a play.  Students should read pages 23-42 for the next class.

Thursday – You will again write a paragraph in your journals, just as on Wednesday, and discussion of the book will continue.  Students will read pages 43-67 for the next day.

Friday – You will again write a paragraph in your journals (get used to it!), with discussion to follow in the class.  Students will be instructed to read pages 68-93 for Monday.